Bloomn' Bangle

Description:   Embellish your wrist with a beautiful floral bracelet that is sure to make a statement.  Begin with right angle weave (RAW) and combine it with peyote stitch ruffles to achieve the look of an elegant bouquet.  Add the finishing touches with Swarovski crystals for that extra sparkle to create a special floral accent.  Students learn how to hide the magnetic clasp to get the look of a true bangle bracelet. This work of art will truly be yours as no two pieces are exactly alike.





  • Size 11 Japanese round seedbeads
  • Size 15 Japanese round seed beads
  • Size 8 Japanese round seed beads
  • Size 11 Japanese cut beads
  • 4-mm Swarovski Bicone Crystals
  • 8-mm Swarovski Marguerite
  • 4-mm Swarovski Sequin
  • Magnetic Clasp
  • Needles & Thread
  • Instructions

Technique: Right Angle Weave and Flat Peyote Stitch

Skill Level: Intermediate-Advanced

Color Options: Kits come in 4 colors: Turquoise/Purple, Blue/Bronze, Black/Silver or Gold

Bloomn_Purple.jpg          Bloomn_blue.jpg     Bloom_Gold.jpg     

Price: $ 70.00
Qty. ea. Options:
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